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We partner with community organizations and businesses to provide wrap around services that greatly contribute to the safety of our communities.

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Brave Defiance Consulting, LLC

Dr. Aja King

Dr. Aja Dionna King is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Counseling Psychologist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dr. King has provided counseling in several forms for over 16 years. 

She has provided training, one-to-one coaching, and consultation services to organizations such as: YWCA, People for Pride in Living, Urban Ventures, and Solid Ground Foundation. Dr. King addresses issues concerning: diversity and inclusion, best practices within mental health, provider wellness, and organizational development.



Dr. King’s clinical specializations also include: individual and family therapy, couples/marriage counseling, and professional/career coaching. She has a passion for helping individuals find their strength and purpose within life. Through her services, she provides a multi-cultural, solution-focused therapy that helps meet the tailored needs of her clients.

Dr. King joins the Village providing wrap around mental health services.

Global Fatherhood Foundation

Global Fatherhood Foundation is based is a lifetime advocate and mentorship organization whose passion is to empower men, especially those in immigrant communities, to have a voice and speak out on issues that impact their role as fathers.


We encourage fathers to enroll in a responsible fatherhood program and to maintain participation rather than learning to be a better father and parent (e.g., through increased knowledge of child development, child discipline, etc.).


Many fathers experience a lack of income and racial disparities, spousal abandonment, unemployment, domestic abuse, an unfair justice system, and incarceration. 

GFF focuses on fathers who have historically been left out. In partnership with other immigrant organizations, we seek to empower fathers to have a voice, engage in counseling, and change systems.

Global Fatherhood Foundation joins the Village providing education and support for our community.

AMWAG: African Minnesota Women Awareness Group

AMWAG promotes survivor-defined healing, liberation, and
equity by transforming the systems that impact survivors of domestic and sexual violence and their families. We envision a society where all people are free of systemic, collective, and individual trauma.


AMWAG's work is guided by the experiences of domestic and sexual violence survivors and their families and by an
intersectional analysis of how systems impact the lives of survivors. AMWAG's work addresses the realities faced by
marginalized communities and is aligned with the broader anti-violence movement. AMWAG works in close partnership with allied organizations committed to gender, racial, economic, and social justice.

AMWAG joins the Village to provide resources around domestic abuse and mental health awareness, and food insecurity.

Brooklyn Park Youth Outreach

Brooklyn Park police have some extra help to prevent crime. Brooklyn Park's Youth Outreach Team, part of the Recs and Parks department, partners with the PD to prevent, intervene, and de-escalate situations.

Brooklyn Park Youth Outreach Team members have conversations about peer pressure, respect and character. The team also hits the streets, handing out snacks and engaging with the community’s youngest members. 

The team has a pulse on what’s happening in the city. If there is a situation and teens are involved, instead of the police responding right away, they sometimes call in the Blue Shirt Crew.  In 2022, with roughly 700 calls to the Youth Outreach Team, only 7 needed police intervention.

Brooklyn Park Youth Outreach joins The Village to support "on the ground" violence intervention and prevention work.


Recreation Plus

Recreation Plus is a City of Minneapolis program which provides year-round fee-based childcare for school-age children that are in Kindergarten (or have completed Kindergarten for summer), ages 5-12 at neighborhood recreation centers. 


Activities include STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), arts and crafts, walking trips, theme activities, sports, physical activity, and more.  Care is available 7am – 6pm in the summer and on release days, and before and after school care during the school year.

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