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Youth Outreach Team

Brooklyn Park police have some extra help to prevent crime. The city’s Youth Outreach Team is often used to de-escalate situations before anything terrible happens. The team, also known as “the Blue Shirt Crew,” is out in the community Monday through Friday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. interacting with young people, as well as at Park Center High School from 11am-2pm. The Youth Outreach Team is part of the Recreation and Parks Department.



Directed by the Cities of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park, BrookLynk is a youth employment program dedicated to addressing our regional talent and workforce needs through a strategy that explicitly supports and invests in young people facing barriers to employment.


Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth

The Alliance partners have come together to connect create an online hub for youth programs in Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park. We have launched an engagement team to connect directly with parents, youth, family members, coaches, teachers, social workers, probation officers, police and anyone who connects with young people to use BrooklynsConnect.Org to support healthy youth development. 


The Alliance increases coordination to decrease competition, duplication, and maximize impact. 


The Alliance increases the quality of afterschool, summer, enrichment, and out-of-school opportunities


Youth Engagement

The Alliance expands youth engagement in leadership opportunities to support their own growth and to vitalize the work of our community. 

  • The Brooklyns Youth CouncilThe mission of the Brooklyns Youth Council (BYC) is to represent youth in Brooklyn Center and Park by providing a voice in collaboration with the community and local government to positively raise awareness of problems facing youth.

  • Youth as Facilitative Leaders TrainingThe YFL training equips youth and adult participants to lead and facilitate focused conversations, consensus workshop, and group action planning. The YFL is a critical set of skills for moving youth into leadership positions. This training is available this fall for your youth and adult team.

  • Youth in City Government DayThe Brooklyns Youth Council helps facilitate events operated by the cities of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park in which young people are immersed in city government for a day! 

  • Youth and Young Adult Interns - The Alliance provides young people with paid opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills by working alongside Alliance staff. For inquiries contact Ivan.  

  • The Youth Data SquadThe Youth Data Squad (YDS) plans and initiates a data-gathering project to understand youth participation in Out-of-School-Time (OST) programs and activities. It includes the iteration of the surveys from previous years. In addition to the data on participation, the survey also included questions to further explore results to answer questions posed by Alliance members

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