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Police Station 3


In coordination with Brooklyn Park Police and other organizations, The Village provides non-lethal but capable presence in areas of strategic interest with the goal of preventing and de-escalating violence. We work on a block by block basis, mapping out areas of concern while connecting at risk youth and others in need with resources. The Village will work with the Police Department to provide a stabilizing influence during traumatic or otherwise critical incidents and support the community in the aftermath.


The Village continues building supportive relationships between residents, Brooklyn Park Police, the City of Brooklyn Park, and other community support agencies. Through the Village's work, we have shown that when basic needs are met, crime rates will drop. We work to increase youth and family security and success and increase social cohesion within Brooklyn Park. The Village also works to:

  • Connect communities to juvenile mentorship opportunities

  • Assist with housing stabilization services

  • Connect residents in need to mental health resources

  • Connect residents in need to food scarcity resources

  • Organize community events 


Increasingly, our Public Safety departments are responding to a heightened number of mental health incidents, due to the lack of mental health support infrastructure at all levels of law enforcement. The Village and our coalition partners will support in the following ways:

  • Provide training on trauma-informed care

  • Actively train and work alongside our violence interrupters on the ground on best practices in identifying mental health issues, de-escalation techniques, and wrap around service practices to shepherd residents to appropriate resources.

  • Actively engage the community using mental health best practices

  • Actively identify residents in need of mental health resources and refer them to appropriate resources.

Recognize, Record, Prevent

Domestic violence is a strong contributor to violent crime. Intervening in that cycle by providing counseling, mental health, and chemical dependence resources to families and couples, before issues spiral into violence, is key to short and long term violence prevention. The Village and our coalition partners are committed to providing domestic violence and healthy relationship training. ​​

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